Frightened Children

Photo Credit: Washington Post

On Friday November 13, 2015 in Paris, the western world was reminded once again that there are people out there that want to kill us. The reaction to this, by those that claim to be the toughest among us, was nothing short of unmitigated FEAR. From calls for more guns and less gun control to the most disgusting and cowardly reaction of all… deny refugees fleeing ISIS a safe harbor, for fear some terrorists may try to sneak in with them. These reactions came from several GOP candidates for president of the United States as well a several sitting US Governors. Never have I seen such a group of COWARDS in my life! “Oh no, they might hurt me!!! Lets punish the innocent to show those terrorists we mean business!” Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? Some of these idiots even recommended allowing only Christian refugees in… how the fuck does one identify a Christian? I can tell you who ISN’T a Christian… the assclowns that are suggesting this garbage!

Not one of these brainiacs stop to think for one second that this is EXACTLY what ISIS WANTS!!!! They want you to push these people back to their war-torn, bombed out homeland… Once they are there those refugees will have a few choices, starve to death, be beheaded or set aflame by ISIS, or (the most popular choice) JOIN ISIS!

That attack could not have gone better for ISIS… they have the pussy Republicans wetting themselves like frightened children over here whipping up hatred for Muslims and refugees, all to help them recruit. They can rightly point out that The West doesn’t want them… in fact we hate them, so why not join ISIS to fight the West?

Bunch of cowards… the lot of you.