A Hillary Landslide?

Ummm no.

Yeah… not gonna happen.

Is Hillary Clinton headed for a landslide victory in November? Can Trump prevent stupid bullshit from spewing from his gaping pie hole long enough to make a comeback? Well, to answer the second question I will make a bold prediction… no. To answer the first question, we need to dig a bit deeper. First, what is a landslide in electoral politics? Well, it is a subjective question so there is no clearly defined “landslide” per say, but if we look to past landslides for historical perspective we can see quite a few. The most recent being Reagan in ’84.

This is a landslide

Reagan opened up a can in ’84

This was an “are you fucking kidding me” ass kicking of epic proportions. 525-13 EV (Keep in mind you need 270 to win). But honestly, this map is way too obvious, and no Hillary has no chance of making a map look like this, so let’s move on to more modern history.

Yes he did.

Obama ’08 win.

2008 was a very decisive victory for Obama, some would even say a landslide. His election was historic as the first African American to become president and he generated a ton of excitement with not just the African American community, but his oratory skills helped inspire a generation of Democrats to come to the polls in force.

Now let’s look at Hillary. Hillary is a flawed candidate for sure, and in my opinion, if she were up against a smooth political operator on the GOP side, she would most likely lose this election. Now, instead of giving the country a slick, skilled, and intelligent politician, the GOP dug up the dumbest, loudest, most self centered, asshole it could find and threw him in the fast lane on roller skates. Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving to Hillary Clinton. It is almost a foregone conclusion at this point (barring something radically unexpected) that Hillary will win this thing in November, but by how much is the question. I am going to toss my prediction in the ring here…

As you can see in this map, I am predicting a 347-191 EV victory for Clinton. Now currently she is ahead in traditionally red states such as Georgia, and Arizona… and knocking on the door in South Carolina and Utah. There are even some rumblings about Nebraska’s 2nd CD and Indiana going blue. I am going to be realistic and put all of those states in the Trump column as I expect there to be some narrowing in the days before election day. That said, given Trump’s propensity to pull his head out of his ass long enough to say something monumentally stupid, that could change and her win could get much larger (dare I say landslide territory?) We still have 3 debates ahead, giving Trump plenty of time to look and say stupid things.

So there we have it folks… to answer my first question, it looks like Hillary is headed for a solid victory, but I am holding off on calling it a landslide. We will have to do this again sometime soon as things get closer. Till then Hillary fans, stop complaining about Trump and start thanking whoever you pray to that he is in this race!

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