He’s Baaaaaaack!

Trump will get the showdown with Obama that he has been wanting (by proxy).
Next Thursday Oct. 19th, President Obama will campaign for Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam in Richmond… Trump has endorsed his opponent, Republican Ed Gillespie in the race.

Coming off the loss of Luther Strange in the Alabama Republican primary for US Senate, reports are that Trump is still stinging from the loss, he himself has made comments publicly stating he should have backed Roy Moore, the eventual winner in the contest.

This will be Obama’s first foray back into electoral politics since leaving office in January. If there is one thing we know for sure about Trump, he REALLY doesn’t like Obama and has made the opening months of his administration mostly about reversing anything that Obama had implemented as president, regardless of the consequences.
If nothing else, this should be entertaining… and if the Obama backed candidate were to win, I’m sure Trump would handle it like the adult he is. (It was very hard to type that with a straight face).
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