He’s Baaaaaaack!

Trump will get the showdown with Obama that he has been wanting (by proxy).

A Hillary Landslide?

Ummm no.

Yeah… not gonna happen.

Is Hillary Clinton headed for a landslide victory in November? Can Trump prevent stupid bullshit from spewing from his gaping pie hole long enough to make a comeback? Well, to answer the second question I will make a bold prediction… no. To answer the first question, we need to dig a bit deeper. Continue reading

What Iowa means…

Iowa Caucuses
My $.02 on Iowa… On the Republican side:
Cruz beat Trump with a great get out the vote ground game, and this was a good win for him, but the bigger takeaway was the very good showing by Rubio, which now makes him the de facto establishment candidate in the race. Money will pour in to him and make him viable. 2nd place in NH will be a victory for him, but he will need to win SC to keep it going.
On the Democratic side:
This was a tie, yes Hillary was declared the “winner”, but that happened by coin toss in a couple of precincts (really). This is a moral victory for team Sanders, he started this contest with 5% of the polls and pulled neck and neck with a better organized and heavily funded Clinton. He will have a more decisive victory in NH, and may be able to pull close in SC, but ultimately I think she pulls that one out. The true momentum should be gained on Super Tuesday. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, close race, which would best suit Hillary.
The most significant thing to come out of Iowa was the viability of Rubio. That is a troublesome development in my opinion for Dems… I think he would be the strongest candidate against either of them in the general, with a real possibility of overcoming the two major electoral hurdles that Republicans have… gain 20% of the Latino vote and sweep the swing states. His popularity will grow, and if you are a Democrat, that should keep you up at night. 
So, it’s early in the fight and there is a very long nomination road ahead… On to NH to see where we go from here!

Why We Should All Care About Income Inequality

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Speak American!

Sarah Palin, Secretary of Negative Energy (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sarah Palin, Secretary of Negative Energy (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Here she goes again…

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Bad Lip Reading the Republican Presidential Debate

Bernie Gaining on Clinton in Latest National Poll

Bernie Sanders

In the latest (Aug. 13-16) CNN/ORC Poll Sen. Bernie Sander is closing the gap on Hillary Clinton nationally.

Clinton 48%
Sanders 27%

Last month:

Clinton 57%
Sanders 18%

Net Sanders gain in month: +18%

Clinton favorable 44/53
Sanders favorable 35/27

Is the GOP Helping Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Bernie may be getting a little help from the GOP to beat Hillary (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

There is something strange happening on the campaign trail these days, there appears to be a small effort on the part of some Republican outfits to bolster the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. In the last week there have been two items that have jumped out at me as being very strange, but explainable by the sage expression I opened with. The first is a campaign video (now removed) produced by Jeb Bush backing SuperPAC America Rising that touts the huge crowds that Bernie has been drawing as of late. That wasn’t the biggest deal, or all that effective if you ask me… the TRULY large cannon blast across Hillary’s bow came in the form of a now famous poll showing Sanders beating Hillary in New Hampshire. There are several interesting facts about that poll…

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27,000 in LA for Sanders

Bernie in LA

Bernie packed them into the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (Photo: Sanders Campaign)

One more night… one more packed arena! 27,000 showed up last night for Bernie in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, once again the crowds got so large that some couldn’t get in. Bernie is going to have to start booking stadiums at this rate! #FeeltheBern

28,000 in Portland for Sanders

Sanders in Portland

Bernie Sanders drew a crowd of 28,000 to the Moda Center Arena in Portland, OR (Photo: Sanders Campaign)

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